I seriously recommend reading Ernst Jünger’s ‘Storm of Steel’. A very vivid and detailed chronicle of the World War I, with little ideological load, trying to neither exhonerate nor blame the common soldiers for the first ‘technology-intensive war’ in this world.

The book spots quite some interesting things about the WWI, including the fact that, for example, the average gauge of the guns used was actually higher than the one of the WWII. Cos ‘when you don’t know how to make efficient guns, just make big ones’. I also failed to know that the trenches were actually a rather poor defence method, with heavy guns changing the topography of the landscape. That is… like, literally reshaping the Earth.

The sheer volume of munitions produced was so huge that the UK even created a ‘Ministry of Munitions’, a separate entity from the ‘War Ministry’.

And that was even more than 100 years ago. (By the way, for those who are not good with dates: The War ended on the 11th of November 1918, so we are actually having quite a big date coming on.)

Also interesting how former enemies were actually finding each other right after the war to exchange letters, because, hell, the war had been over.

The book has a nice mixture of tactics, action, emotions (but not hysteria), humour and wizdom.

Junger himself is quite an interesting guy, lived to 102 y.o., and died in 1998, having time to catch the reunification of Germany. All that despite being wounded 17 times, of which 11 times being deliberately shot at.

The picture is an illustration of how much stuff was actually made.

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